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The Psychological Effects of Color on Medical Uniforms

Medical uniforms online have evolved from traditional whites to modern colorful scrubs. From the pink scrubs gracing pediatric wards to the blues and greens worn in surgery, is there a particular reason medical attire has assumed these colors in recent years?

As it turns out, yes. And the reasoning has to do with the psychology of color.

You see, color has an inherently powerful impact on our perception of our environment and those around us. It also has a correlating effect on our emotions.

Uncovering the Reason for the Shift from White Medical Uniforms

The conservative white color of medical uniforms was chosen primarily because it evoked a sense of purity, cleanliness, and professionalism. However, research now shows that it’s also been linked to detachment, coldness, and sterility – qualities that aren’t exactly welcome when you’re attempting to provide empathetic care.

The Emergence of Multi-Colored Medical Uniforms

Researchers observed that certain colors were able to elicit positive responses in people. This led many to push for the adoption of color-based scrubs for healthcare providers as a means of removing psychological barriers patients unconsciously put up.

Warm colors such as purple, green, and blue were recognized as having a calming effect while also promoting a sense of security and trust. Other people associate the same colors with healing. All of this is useful in making patients feel at ease as well as more relaxed in clinical and medical settings.

One study from Geisinger Medical Center found that 95% of participants agreed that solid navy scrubs were the most professional scrub color choice, with 75% also remarking that they felt more confident in their healthcare provider because of the medical uniform.

The Psychology is Important for Healthcare Workers Too

It’s not just those receiving care who are impacted by color but also the teams wearing themedical uniforms. Green for surgical scrubs was selected because of its ability to contrast easily with the red color of blood and other internal organs. Some surgeons claim that wearing blue or green scrubs in theater helps them make fewer errors.

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