Cherokee Medical Uniforms


Cherokee Medical Uniforms

Through the years, Cherokee has earned a solid reputation among doctors, nurses, surgeons and many other healthcare professionals. Our products aresynonymous of comfort, safety and durability, so it’s not a surprise that Cherokee Medical Uniforms is the most recognized and chosen brand when it comes to uniforms and protection equipment for health workers.

Cherokee Medical Uniforms / Scrub Lines

When you buy from Cherokee Medical Uniforms, you are getting top-class, reliable products for health professionals. Find the most useful, reliable and fashionable medical uniforms, with a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors to adapt to every individual.

Our women’s uniform collection includes:

  • Traditional Classic – relaxed
  • Modern Classic – classic proportion with ease
  • Contemporary – modern proportion that fits closer to the body
  • Maternity fit – we fit this with growth in mind so feel free to buy the size you were wearing prior to pregnancyUnisex and Men’s
  • Classic – classic proportion with a little bit of ease
  • Athletic – modern proportionfits closer to the body