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Maxicomfort Lift Chairs

You don’t have to be a senior citizen to need a lift chair. Anyone of any age who suffers from knee or back problems, chronic pain, or instability can benefit from a maxicomfort lift chair. If you have never seen a lift chair, you might not recognize one. They look like ordinary plush, comfortable recliners. So, what makes them different?
A lift chair, also known as a power lift chair, is actually a piece of medical equipment. A heavy-duty lifting mechanism is hidden beneath the seat to raise the chair up and forward so that the occupant can easily stand up without fighting gravity or losing his or her balance. The mechanism is operated by a remote-control device which makes it easy for anyone to use. People who experience reduced mobility, weakened muscles, or any other condition that makes it hard to stand up from a sitting position will find that lift chairs offer many benefits.
1. Reduced risk of injury –you and the person helping you to stand up will have greater stability and less chance of falling.
2. Ease of use – the remote-control feature makes it effortless to control the movement of the chair.
3. Greater independence –not needing anyone’s help to get up out of the chair may enable you to keep living on your own and in your own home.
4. Reduced swelling and edema –the longer we stand, the more blood and fluids are drawn down into our lower legs and feet. Being able to put them up on the footrest of a lift chair helps to disperse those fluids and reduce inflammation and pain.
5. Fewer bedsores –a thick well-cushioned lift chair will protect pressure points like ankles and tailbones from developing sores caused by prolonged compression against the skin.
6. Less pain – a recliner allows the body to rest in a more natural position which helps to ease pain and joint discomfort. A chair that offers heat, massage, and lumbar support features will promote relaxation and healing.
2 Hearts Medical carries an assortment of maxicomfort lift chairs in various styles and colors. Visit our website to see our selection of chairs or to reach out with any questions or concerns.