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Wheelchair Rental

Mobility issues are the leading disability limiting Americans’ quality of life today. This number increases even further if you consider people recovering from serious injuries and struggling to move around or walk long distances. Wheelchair rental is the perfect solution to increase their quality of life and aid their recovery.

At 2 Hearts Medical, our goal is to help you achieve the highest possible quality of life whether you need help for a week or permanently. Renting a wheelchair is the obvious option if you need medical equipment only temporarily. But even if you need a wheelchair long-term, flexible rental rate can make the equipment more affordable.

The McKesson Lightweight Wheelchair is one of our most popular rental choices. Its light but sturdy design has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The chair features nylon upholstery which not only limits its weight. In addition, it keeps the user comfortable because the fabric is breathable.

Dual axle desk length arms make it easy to use the wheelchair in an office setting. Plus, the chair features adjustable footrests – no tools required.

2 Hearts Medical also rents travel wheelchairs, which are perfect for patient transfers. With a more compact design and a limited number of features, this chair is easy to lift and store.

Rent or buy? Here are some of the benefits of renting:

  • Convenient weekly or monthly payments starting from $25
  • Access to the latest wheelchair technology
  • Risk-free: you only pay for the time that you need the equipment

Dealing with mobility issues can be tough, but it does not need to be financially taxing. Wheelchair rental is an excellent option for those needing temporary support as well as anyone wanting to limit their expenses without compromising the quality of care.