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Electric Wheelchair for Sale

One in seven adult Americans suffers from mobility issues. As we age, the problem becomes even more common, with 40% of those over 65 affected. 2 Hearts Medical has different types of electric wheelchair for sale that are perfect for anyone looking for help to get around.

Our choice of electric wheelchairs includes the world’s lightest and most portable chair, aptly named Literider, which is exciting news for end-users and their caregivers. Disassembly takes virtually seconds, and the chair fits into the trunk of any vehicle. Plus, you can stay mobile all day long with powerful batteries.

If you’re looking for something equally maneuverable that manages a variety of terrains and is air travel approved, look no further than the WHILL Model Ci2. Stylish design and easy disassembly are a given for this top-of-the-range model.

The Zoomer does exactly what its name suggests. It lets you forget about any mobility issues, whether you are using it as an office chair or to take a stroll. The Zoomer rolls right under your desk or a dining table. All you need to do is push a joystick. Its simple design allows it to fold flat when need to store it, and you or a helper can even roll it along like a suitcase.

At 2 Hearts Medical, we care about your quality of life. Enjoying freedom and mobility are key to living the life you deserve. Our team is not only caring and compassionate, but they are here for you to help you choose the model that works best for you.

Selecting an electric wheelchair for sale doesn’t need to be hard work. Contact us by email or phone at (281) 332-3405 today or visit us at 17220 Highway 3 in Webster, TX. We’re here for you!